This 'Huthsteiner Genealogy' site is dedicated to my father, Carl Jay Huthsteiner, who was passionate in his interest in family history. He dedicated the latter years of his life to Huthsteiner family genealogy by collecting information from public records, saving personal letters and photos, and documenting phone calls and visits to distant relatives that he located through his research.

After my father passed away in 1999, I inherited his family research. Recently, I received an inquiry about Huthsteiners in another part of the country and whether or not I might be related. This inspired me to review my father's records, organize the information for easier comprehension, and share it with other Huthsteiners and relatives that might be interested in tracing their roots and potential relationships to other Huthsteiners.

Migration of Edward Huthsteiner from Prussia to USA

The earliest records and information acquired are of my great-great-great grand father, Jacob Huthsteiner and then his son, Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner and his family. Georg Eduard was a lawyer and a descendent of French Huguenots who fled from Nancy, France to Prussia during a time that Huguenots were being persecuted. Eduard and Caroline, with their children, migrated from Siegen, Westphalia (Prussia/Germany) to the US ~ 1862 with Swiss colonization parties. They collectively founded the town, Tell City, Indiana, named after Wilhelm Tell. Tell City is located on the southern border of Indiana, in Perry County, bordering Kentucky.


References: Autobiography transcript records written by Louis Huthsteiner and Wikipedia resources.

The earliest ancestral information obtained by my father was of my great-great grand parents,


Edward Huthsteiner


Caroline Ascheubach.


Eduard and Caroline's son, Gustave Jacob Huthsteiner, was married 1st to Pauline Carolyn Weber and had 6 sons and one daughter through that marriage. After Pauline Carolyn Weber died, Gustave had a 2nd marriage to Louise Ludwig and had 4 more sons and another daughter.

My specific Huthsteiner family ancestry stems from Gustave's 2nd marriage to Louise Ludwig.


Edward Huthsteiner and Caroline Achenbach (Great-Great Grand Parents)

Gustave Huthsteiner and Louise Ludwig (Great Grand Parents)

Louis Huthsteiner and Charlotte Ursula Knauth (Grand Parents)

Carl Jay Huthsteiner and Leah Virginia Robbins (Parents)

Theodore 'Ted' Huthsteiner (Son of Carl Jay Huthsteiner)

By sharing genealogy information, I hope to learn more about relatives and welcome any information that could augment or correct/clarify the content of this site.

Respect for Privacy

 This is a benevolent venture on my part and I am acutely aware and respectful of issues and concerns regarding privacy of information available through the internet. Therefore information regarding living relatives is limited to first and last names (No birth dates or contact info, etc.). Distant relatives who wish to contact living relatives might do so by searching public phone and address records available on the internet.

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